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IML-RESI F-Series Wood Testing Drill

Wood Testing Drill with Data Print-Out

Utility Pole Inspection with the IML-RESI F-Series




Wood Testing Drill w/ Data Print-Out: IML-RESI F-Series

The IML-RESI F-Series wood testing drills measure the quality of the internal state of the wood by recording the drill resistance of the needle penetrating the wood product. This data is collected and printed on a wax paper strip. The F-Series instruments are cordless and therefore ideal for difficult operating conditions. The flexibility, lightweight & compact design of the F-Series offers a simple and easy user experience.

Application Areas

IML-RESI F-Series Drilling Depths

  • F150: inspects a diameter of 6 inches
  • F300: inspects a diameter of 12 inches
  • F400: inspects a diameter of 16 inches
  • F500: inspects a diameter of 20 inches

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Product Features

  • Cordless drill as drive unit
  • Documentation of measurement results directly on-site
  • Upgradeable with innovative Bluetooth Electronic Unit
  • Lightweight design enables efficient working
  • Measurements under 45° angle through easy to mount adapter
  • Feed speed up to 150 cm/min 


The IML-RESI F-Series is available in 2 versions for different application areas: 

  • Tree care and inspection
  • Inspection of construction wood


Further two reinforced versions are available: 

  • S-Version: Particularly solid needle support, thus very well suited for frequent application for hard wood testing
  • SX-Version: Improved needle guidance through replaceable telescope and 18V Li-Ion Bosch drill as drive unit
Wood testing drill being used for a tree inspection
The resistance drill gathering data for a utility pole inspection
Wood testing results printed on a wax paper strip