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IML Micro Hammer

Sound velocity wood inspection measurement system

IML Micro Hammer

IML Micro Hammer

The IML Micro Hammer measures the time it takes an impulse to travel through the tree. Due to the characteristic sound velocity of each tree species, the measurement values clearly display the interior conditions of a tree.

The sensor of the new Micro Hammer is small and highly sensitive. The new attachment system is based on a magnetic fixture with special screws that minimizes the damages caused to the tree. The functions are clearly and user-friendly arranged. The electronic unit detects and saves the measurement results displayed on the OLED display. The integrated Bluetooth module ensures wireless downloads of the measuring data to your PC or laptop. The measurement components are weatherproof and water resistant and can be used in any weather condition.


The IML Micro Hammer localizes:

  • Decay in the early stages of growth
  • Brown and white decay
  • Cavities, wet cores
  • Cracks in forc areas

Application areas

  • Tree care and inspection to maintain safe parks, roadways and forests

Product Features

To measure the sound velocity with the IML Micro Hammer it is necessary to enter two special screws on opposite sides of the tree. The attachment system with magnetic fixtures minimizes the damages caused to the tree. The impulse is introduced via the impact screw and absorbed by the supersensitive sensor screw. The result is transmitted to the electronic unit. 


  • OLED display for showing the measurement results
  • Electronic unit for collecting and saving the measurement data
  • Integrated Bluetooth function for wireless data transmission to your PC or laptop
  • Weather and water resistant components for all-weather use
  • Supersensitive digital micro sensors for high measurement precision


Discover the interior conditions of wood by using the IML Micro Hammer. Click here to check out a study and view sections 2.1.2 and 3.1.3 to learn about how sound velocity measurements help discover decay. This study was conducted by the Department of Forest Industry Engineering at the Karadeniz Technical University and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts at the Rize RTE University in Turkey.

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