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IML Measuring Table

Annual ring analysis

IML Measuring Table

The growth behaviour of trees provides important information about climatic circumstances and temporary or persistent changes of the environmental conditions. In order to correctly identify and measure the annual rings of trees with small growth, every detail of the processing and evaluation is important.

With the IML Measuring table we have developed an instrument measuring your wooden samples quickly and smoothly-regardless of the tree species. The exact data of the measurement are delivered immediately, so you can obtain clear results within a short period of time. The menu navigation of the connected electronic unit is clearly arranged thus, the measurement data can be easily and quickly processed and saved.

Application areas

Identifying the growth characteristics of trees

With the IML Measuring Table you can evaluate the annual rings of wooden cores and tree discs quickly and easily. 

Product features

  • Easy-to-use electronic unit 
  • Digital microscope camera or high resolution stereo microscope available
  • Exact evaluation of annual rings of core samples and tree discs
  • Identification of disturbances of development and growth as well as weak growth
  • Illustration and assignment of changes, dysfunctions or weak points
  • Findings about the vitality of a tree
  • Possible conclusions on environmental influences

Technical data

Resolution:0,005 mm
Max. number of measuring points:500
Max. number of measurements:1000
Voltage supply:Ø DC 6-9V
Max. width of annual rings:100 mm
Operating temperature:0°C to 50°C