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IML Service Center

Annual service inspection

IML service inspection and calibration

In order to guarantee the measuring accuracy of IML products, regular maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments should be carried out by our qualified service team. The inspection of measuring instruments should be carried out at yearly intervals.


An inspection includes: 

  • Complete function and safety test
  • The unit is disassembled, the functional parts precisely controlled and checked
  • All mechanical moving parts are cleaned and permanently lubricated with special LongLife oil
  • Implementation of test measurements and final calibration
  • Creation of a detailed service report and a calibration sheet / test report


Repair & spare parts

If your instrument needs exceptional repairs, we’ll inform you immediately and make the correspondent estimates of costs. Repair will be made only after prior approval and consultation.


To prevent queries & to grant an execution on schedule

Please attach the filled service from every time you send in your measurement instruments for occurring services and / or repairs. Only in this way we are able to grant you a fast and smooth execution.



When you return your measurement instruments for service inspections we’ll only need the instrument itself without expendable materials (drilling needles, wax paper strip), manuals, accumulator or battery chargers!


Special prices for service

Order expendable materials at special rates! The special price are only valid together with a service or a repair order!

Your contact person for inquiries

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