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IML Measurement Methods

Only the right analysis gets the right answer

Approved procedure, quick results

The IML-RESI System is based on the principle of measuring the drilling resistance. A drilling needle is inserted in the wood under constant drive. While drilling, the needed energy is measured depending on the drilling depth of the needle. 

Drilling Resistance Measurement

Modern technology, easy handling

The IML Micro Hammer measures the time it takes an impulse to travel through the tree. Due to the characteristic sound velocity of each tree species, the measurement values clearly display the interior conditions of a tree. 

Sound Velocity Measurement

Evaluating objectively the strength of wood

Just to make sure: With the Fractometer it is possible to determine the parameters of bending fracture strength and (depending on the version you use) additionally of compression strength of wood cores. 

Bending and Compression Strength Measurement

Identifying the growth characteristics of trees

With the IML Measuring Table you can evaluate the annual rings of wooden cores and tree discs quickly and easily.

Annual Ring Analysis

Visual Inspection according to Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck

The VTA method is an internationally spread and acknowledgment method for tree inspection.