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Utility Pole Inspection

The value of utility pole inspections

Why do we need to conduct utility pole inspections?

An utility pole replacement can cost around $3,000 or more depending whether the location is rural or in a city. Each power pole can be a costly replacement so why not pay a portion of the price and take the time to gather factual data to determine exactly which power poles are healthy and which need to be removed. 

Often, possible defects are located in the interior of the poles and can't be identified from the outside. About 90% of all the wooden power pole defect or damages are located below the soil level and it's necessary to carry out couples investigations or excavations to detect them. However, with IML's utility pole inspection drills power poles can be inspected within a matter of minutes attaining wood measurement data and quick results. 

Utility pole inspection with IML PowerDrill


Within minutes you can drill through a wooden pole and receive the wood quality's resistance measurements printed on a wax paper strip with IML-RESI F-Series drills or stored in the digital IML-RESI PowerDrill models. With the utility pole inspection drills you can drill in every height of the pole, from the soil level to the top end of the pole.

The special adapters at the front of the drills enable you to examine the critical area where the wooden pole enters the soil without problems. The excavation around the pole becomes redundant and you save precious time. You can make the measurements directly on the soil level and evaluate them instantly.

The IML-RESI resistance drill system has been used for over 30 years to inspect utility poles all over the world. 

The IML-RESI System helps you

  • Detect and secure damaged wood in early stages of deterioration 
  • Increase safety of linemen working on power poles
  • Discover cracks and cavities in the wood
  • Take the required measures early enough to prevent damages (provided to you by the detailed measurements)
  • Document quality differences between wooden beams

Economic Advantages

  • Profitability because of little work with high efficiency
  • Save time with quick measurements
  • Optimize the time of your staff
  • Cost saving with less exchange work and little raw material
  • Prevention of unnecessary wood damage: the sawdust from the drill's needle remains in the bore hole and closes it after measurement

View more videos of the IML-RESI System conducting wood inspection analysis.