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Construction Wood & Timber Testing Instruments

Timber Testing Methods and Instruments

Get Reliable Timber Testing Results

Based on the operational demands and safety regulations for wooden constructions, one has to distinguish between static strength, impact strength, endurance strength, dynamic strength, hardness and resistance to wear. Wochenende have developed timber testing instruments that examine the interior life of wooden constructions in detail. Our constructions testing and measurement systems will provide you with reliable and extensive information about the actual condition of the examined timber component. Thus they contribute significantly to the general security, safety and quality analysis of the timber wood product. Controls of construction wood in timbered houses, bridges and pile dwellings detect weak points and safety risks. Therefore, regular inspections are essential. 

Timbered bridge inspection with IML PowerDrill

Little Measurement Effort

Only little measurement effort is required to obtain significant information about material properties, structures, interior defects and the thickness of residual walls of wooden beams. In addition to this, it's possible to determine the stability and residual bearing capacity of load-bearing beams. It is possible to evaluate the constructional condition of half-timbered houses, historical and/or listed buildings and wooden constructions. That way, damaged and decayed parts can be detected and exchanges.

IML Timber Testing Systems

  • Drilling Resistance Measurement: IML-RESI Systems
    Accurate identification of defects and measurement of the thickness of the residual wall 
  • Sound Speed Measurement: IML Micro Hammer
    Easy and fast verification of defects yet in early stages of damage
  • Bending & Compression Strength Measurement: Fractometer
    Evaluation of stability and strength of wood using a wooden core extracted with the increment borer
  • Analysis of Annual Rings: IML-Measuring Table
    Analysis of wooden cores of trees and information about the structure of the annual rings, growth and wood decay 

The IML-RESI System helps you

  • Detect and secure damaged wood in early stages of deterioration
  • Increase public safety
  • Discover cracks and cavities in the wood
  • Take the required measures early enough to prevent damages (provided to you by the detailed measurements)
  • Document quality differences between wooden beams

Timbered house inspection IML PowerDrill